Green Low-Carbon Technology Systems in Affordable Housing


Tsinghua Univsersity, School of Architecture

Beijing, China

NGO Partner:  Beijing Shengtao Educational Development + Innovation Institute

Project Location: Beijing, China

Project Lead:  Borong LIN, Ph.D., Professor, Dean's Assistant, Deputy Director

Duration: 12 months


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The building industry has the opportunity, and the responsibility, to lead efforts in energy conservation and emissions reduction. Meanwhile, during the 12th Five-Year Plan Period, expanding the construction of affordable housing develops into a significant development orientation in Chinese real estate market.

In China, this opportunity is vital in response to rapid urbanization and the growing demand/ necessity for affordable housing. The project team at Tsinghua University will research, design and build an experimental apartment that will lesson the cooling and heating loads to realize near-zero energy consumption through passive building techniques and the application of high-performance materials and green low-carbon technology while striving for an affordable and comfortable interior living environment. Working with the Beijing Shengtao Education Development and Innovation Institute, architecture students will have the opportunity to promote, demonstrate and gain feedback related to their research project.